The Eighth Global Halal Summit… A Look to the Future (Report)

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Many companies in non-Muslim-majority countries have expressed interest in participating in the exhibition of halal products because of the quality and hygiene standards.
– Uzbek Ahmadov Alimjanovic: Turkey occupies a leading position in the food products sector, and Uzbekistan imports many Turkish halal products.
Malaysian Jamuna Rangaraju: Halal products also attract followers of other religions, as they achieve high quality standards.
– Iraqi Saad Yusuf Hanna: The market for halal products has great potential in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.
Senegalese Armande Marie-Louise: Turkey is the right place to access the global market.
Year after year, the Halal product sector draws attention not only in Muslim countries, but also around the world due to the high quality it offers.

In this context, the international companies participating in the 8th World Halal Summit and the 9th Halal Exhibition of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are looking forward to increasing the levels of interest in halal products and services, and achieving gradual growth in their market in the coming years.

On Thursday, in Istanbul, Turkey, the work of the “Eighth World Halal Summit” and the “Halal Expo 9” exhibition for the member states of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation kicked off.

The exhibition is organized by the Islamic Center for Trade Development (ICDT) and the Standards and Metrology Institute of Islamic Countries (SMIIC), with the support of the Turkish Presidency, and the Anadolu Agency participates in it as a media partner.

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Halal Expo, in its ninth edition, is attended by dozens of companies from Asia, Europe and Africa.

Many companies operating in non-Muslim-majority countries have expressed interest in participating in the Halal Products Exhibition, due to the quality and hygiene standards included in Halal products.


** Growing interest in the halal sector
The head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan, Akhmadov Ahdjan Alimjanovic, said that they participated in the exhibition “in order to explore new markets and introduce halal products in Uzbekistan to the countries of the world.”

“Uzbekistan contains many institutions responsible for issuing halal certificates,” Alimjanovic told Anadolu Agency.

He added, “Local companies are increasingly interested in obtaining halal certificates, especially in the food products sector.”

He continued, “In addition to the fact that Uzbekistan exports halal products to neighboring countries in Central Asia and Russia, we have recently begun exporting this type of product to European countries, Middle Eastern countries and North African countries.”

“Turkey occupies a leading position in the food products sector, and accordingly, Uzbekistan imports many Turkish-made halal products,” Alimjanovic said.

And he added, “We and Turkey are two brotherly countries, in addition to the fact that the two countries have important ties in the field of bilateral trade.”


** Halal products do not only attract Muslims!
For his part, Jamuna Rangaraju, from the Malaysian Makhmour Food Production Company, said, “Participation in the Halal Products Exhibition in Istanbul gave his company the opportunity to present its famous products in Malaysia to the countries of the world.”

“Halal products not only attract Muslims, but also followers of other religions, because they achieve high quality standards, especially with regard to hygiene and the method of slaughter,” Rangaraju told Anadolu Agency.

“People of Malaysia pay great attention to consuming halal products,” Rangaraju said.

“It is very difficult to obtain a halal certificate in Malaysia, as the whole process is strictly controlled in terms of hygiene and slaughter standards,” he explained.

Rangaraju pointed out that he prefers to eat halal food, despite his Indian origin, and indicated that “the market for halal products is not limited to foodstuffs only, but includes a wide range of sectors.”

He added, “Manufacturers of food processing machinery also participated in the exhibition,” noting that “the participation of representatives of companies from dozens of different countries in the exhibition of halal products reflects the interest of global markets in this type of product.”


** International demand for Halal products
In turn, Saad Youssef Hanna, export manager at the Iraqi Food and Beverage Company (Kronji), said that his company “produces a wide range of food products.”

Hanna told Anadolu Agency that his company is “intensifying efforts to increase the volume of its exports to various countries of the world, especially during the past three years.”

He added, “Our products are of high quality that comply with international standards and qualifications.”

And he added: “We sell a wide range of our products to Muslim and non-Muslim majority countries alike, and non-alcoholic beverages are one of our most popular products.”

He continued, “I would like to thank Turkey for its contribution to opening major halal companies whose products comply with Islamic standards.”

He concluded, “Muslim societies are growing, and the market for halal products has great potential in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.”


** Turkey is the most suitable to access the global market
Senegalese beverage company Mandabio, which produces natural drinks, was one of the leading African companies participating in the exhibition activities.

“Our sugar-free drinks are produced according to certified Halal standards,” said the company’s CEO, Armande-Marie-Louise.

And she added to the Anatolia correspondent: Our participation in the exhibition came to introduce international companies related to our products.

Louise added, “Turkey is the right place to reach the global market, and our company imports from Turkey many raw and processed products that go into the production of natural drinks.”

She concluded by noting that “Mandabeo Company for the production of natural beverages is making unremitting efforts to find a foothold in the Turkish market.”

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