The European Parliament classifies Russia as a “sponsoring terrorist country”

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On Wednesday, the European Parliament agreed to the classification of Russia, a “sponsoring terrorist country”, with the approval of the majority of members.

The council voted during a fully audience photo session, in favor of a decision that classifies Russia as a “sponsoring terrorist country.”

494 members of the European Parliament voted in favor of the decision, while 58 opposed it and 44 others abstained from the vote.

According to the European Parliament, “the Russian army intensified during its war against Ukraine its attacks on civilian targets, including energy infrastructure, hospitals, medical facilities, schools and shelters.”

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The European Parliament considered the practices of the Russian army “a violation of international and international humanitarian law in this process.”

The European Union Legislative Council is seeking a decision today to increase pressure on Moscow to bring anyone responsible for war crimes committed since the beginning of the invasion on February 24, before an international court, including Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.

The 27 -countries European Union condemned the harshest phrases of the Russian war in Ukraine.

He repeatedly said that many Russian measures over the past ten months “rise to the level of war crimes,” according to the Associated Press.

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