The European Union intends to impose severe sanctions on Iran

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The European Union intends to impose severe sanctions on Iran

The European Union intends to endorse a very tough package of sanctions against Iran.

This came in the words of the High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy of the European Union, Josep Borrell, in press statements, Monday, before the meeting of foreign ministers of the European Union countries in Brussels.

He pointed out that the issue of imposing sanctions against Iran and Russia is on the agenda of the foreign ministers, and said: “We will approve a very severe sanctions package against Iran.”

He also confirmed the Union’s condemnation of Iran’s supply of weapons to Russia and the recent execution of two people.

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Borrell added, “Iran must understand that the European Union strongly condemns them and stands with Iranian women who support peaceful demonstrations.”

The European Union previously decided to impose sanctions on 40 Iranian individuals and 7 institutions over the police’s handling of demonstrations across the country following the death of the young woman, “Mahsa Amini”.

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