The FBI is investigating attempts to arm marches in the United States

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FBI Director Christopher Wray announced Thursday that the agency is investigating attempts by a number of people to supply homemade bombs to drones inside the United States.

“We are investigating, even as we speak, a number of attempts within the United States to arm marches with improvised explosive devices,” Wray told the senators.

He added that the danger of widely available drones has increased rapidly with the rapid technological developments, “with regard to their range of vision, speed of movement, distance they can travel and loads they can carry.”

“They are exceptionally sophisticated tools capable of carrying weapons, and we should be able to confront them,” he added.

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Wray was speaking during a hearing of the Senate Homeland Security Committee on insider threats. He did not provide any details about the cases related to the marches.

However, the rapid increase in the use of unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles in the Ukrainian war, including cheap drones equipped with grenades and mortars, revealed the ease of manufacturing and deployment of these aircraft.

“This is the future that exists now,” Wray said, calling for legislation to expand the powers of the FBI and other agencies to address the security threat posed by private marches.

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