The Israeli army begins training on the northern front

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The Israeli army begins training on the northern front
The Israeli army begins training on the northern front

On Saturday evening, the Israeli army began a military exercise, with the participation of about 13,000 soldiers to “enhance readiness” on the northern front.

“The ‘Hot Winter’ exercise began suddenly and will continue until Tuesday,” the army said in a statement posted on Twitter.

And he added that the number of participants in the training is “about 8,000 soldiers in regular service, and about 5,000 reservists who were recruited by exceptional orders from various units of the Israeli army.”

The army stated that the training aims to “enhance the readiness of the combat units in the Israeli army and the supporting logistical system, regarding explosive events and various scenarios in the northern arena.”

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He stated that “the Department of Technology and Logistics will lead the exercise, during which military units will be trained from the battalion level through brigades, teams, district commanders, and even the staff.”

The army stated that “the forces will train to deal with their sudden activation in the face of operational scenarios in the northern arena, with an emphasis on the readiness of the logistical system and cooperation between the units of the ground forces.”

He added, “The northern region will witness, during the training period, which was previously planned within the framework of the annual training plan for the year 2022, active movements of the security forces.”

For its part, the Hebrew newspaper “Maariv” said that the training comes in light of “the recent escalation of tensions on the northern borders, after several reports indicated that Iran is trying to smuggle weapons through civilian flights aboard Iranian planes to Beirut Airport.”

On Thursday, the Lebanese authorities denied news about the transfer of weapons by the Iranian “Miraj” to the “Hezbollah” group via Rafic Hariri International Airport in Beirut, after Arab reports stated that “the airline associated with the Revolutionary Guard operates flights to Beirut airport” and that it “may transfer weapons.” and sensitive Hezbollah equipment.

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