The Israeli army demolishes a chapel and settlers uproot trees in the West Bank

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The Israeli army demolishes a chapel and settlers uproot trees in the West Bank

On Monday, the Israeli army demolished a prayer hall, while settlers and Israeli forces uprooted trees in the West Bank.

Eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency that an Israeli army force demolished a tin room used for prayer, south of Hebron.

According to witnesses, the chapel covers an area of about 16 square meters. It was built by a citizen on the ruins of a house that was demolished earlier by the Israeli army.

The chapel is located south of the town of Dura, in Area C of the West Bank, in which Palestinians are prohibited from making any changes or building in it without an official permit from Israel, and it is impossible to obtain it, according to local and international organizations.

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According to the “Oslo 2” agreement of 1995, the lands of the West Bank were classified into 3 areas: “A” subject to full Palestinian control, and “B” subject to Palestinian security, civil and administrative control.

As for the third area, it is “C”, and it is under Israeli civil, administrative and security control, and the latter constitutes about 60 percent of the area of the West Bank.

In addition, the official Palestinian News Agency, Wafa, said that Israeli settlers uprooted 30 olive trees, west of the city of Salfit (north).

According to the agency, Israeli forces also cut forest trees northwest of the city, distributed over an area of two dunums (2000 square meters).

Meanwhile, thousands of Palestinians in the city of Bethlehem (south) mourned the body of Omar Manna (22 years old), who was killed by the Israeli army in the Dheisheh refugee camp, south of the city.

Earlier on Monday, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said in a statement, of which Anadolu Agency received a copy, that “a Palestinian was killed by live bullets from the occupation in the chest, in the Dheisheh refugee camp in Bethlehem.”

For months, the West Bank has witnessed a significant escalation of tension, as a result of Israeli incursions and arrests, which spark clashes between the Israeli army and settlers on the one hand, and the Palestinians on the other.

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