The Israeli president gives Netanyahu a 10-day extension to form a government

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The Israeli president gives Netanyahu a 10-day extension to form a government

On Friday, Israeli President Isaac Herzog granted Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu a ten-day extension to complete the formation of the government.

And the text of the letter that he addressed to Netanyahu, seen by Anadolu Agency, read: “I have decided, by virtue of the authority granted to me in accordance with Article 8 of the Basic Law of the Government, to extend the period granted to you to fulfill the duty to form the government for a period of 10 days.”

On Thursday, Netanyahu asked the Israeli president to give him an additional deadline to complete the formation of the government, after he indicated the progress he had made in his efforts to form it.

On Sunday, the 28-day deadline for forming a government expires, but according to the law, the Israeli president can give the prime minister-designate an additional deadline not exceeding 14 days.

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And in the event that Netanyahu is not able until the end of the additional deadline to form the government, the Israeli president can assign another figure to form the government.

Netanyahu concluded preliminary agreements with religious and right-wing parties, with his right-wing Likud party having 64 seats in the Israeli Knesset to form a government.

The government must obtain the support of at least 61 of the 120 Knesset members in order to gain the confidence of Parliament.

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