The Pentagon: Turkish operations threaten the security of American soldiers in Syria

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The Pentagon spokesman, Patrick Ryder, said that Turkish military operations threaten the security of American soldiers in Syria.

He added, in a statement on Thursday, that Turkey is targeting the “YPG / PKK” militia in the areas where the US forces are deployed in Syria.

He explained that the Pentagon is concerned about the escalation of tension in northern Syria, Iraq and Turkey, noting that the escalating tension threatens the progress made by the international coalition for years to weaken and defeat the terrorist organization “ISIS”.

He pointed out that the recent Turkish air raids in Syria constitute a direct threat to the security of American soldiers who work with “local partners,” referring to the “YPG/BKK” terrorist organization.

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The American spokesman expressed his condemnation of the loss of life among civilians in Turkey and Syria together.

“Ryder” stated that they understand Turkey’s security concerns, calling at the same time for de-escalation.

He continued, “We will continue to communicate with Turkey and our local partners to secure the continuation of the ceasefire.”

At dawn on Sunday, Turkey launched the “claw-sword” air operation against the sites of the “YPG / PKK” terrorist organization in northern Iraq and Syria, a week after 6 of its civilians were killed and 81 others were injured in a terrorist bombing in central Istanbul.

The American press reported that the Turkish fighters carried out air strikes on Tuesday against some targets of the terrorist “YPG / PKK” in Al-Hasakah, northeastern Syria, noting that the aforementioned sites were close to the headquarters of the American soldiers in the region.

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