The presidency and the Palestinian factions condemn the killing of a young man in the West Bank (outcome)

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The presidency and the Palestinian factions condemn the killing of a young man in the West Bank (outcome)

The Palestinian Presidency, the Prime Ministry and a number of factions condemned the Israeli army’s killing, on Friday, of a Palestinian youth in the northern West Bank.

This came in separate statements, copies of which Anatolia received.

The Palestinian Presidency said, “The cold-blooded execution of Ammar Hamdi Mufleh (22 years old) by the Israeli occupation in the town of Hawara, south of Nablus, which was documented by cameras, is a heinous crime within a series of crimes that are committed daily against our people.”

“These crimes, which have become an official policy of successive Israeli governments, require urgent intervention to provide international protection for our defenseless people,” she added, in a statement carried by the official Palestinian News Agency, Wafa.

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She pointed out that “continued international silence is what led to the commission of such cold-blooded crimes, and that the continuation of the policy of impunity and lack of accountability encouraged those governments to commit more crimes against our people.”

In turn, the Palestinian Prime Minister, Muhammad Shtayyeh, said in a statement: “The scene of the criminal execution in Hawara reflects the organized terrorism practiced by the occupation soldiers, motivated by a belief based on killing, by shooting our sons to kill them.”

Shtayyeh added, “The soldiers’ feeling that there are no consequences for their actions encourages them to repeat their crimes.”

And the Palestinian Prime Minister warned of “the serious consequences of these horrific crimes,” calling on Abi for “immediate international intervention to stop the aggression against our people.”

For its part, the Islamic Resistance Movement “Hamas” said, “The crimes of the Zionist occupation are escalating, the latest of which is this heinous crime in Nablus. It will be met with more resistance and victory for the blood of our people, and the enemy will pay the price for its crimes.”

“The Zionist crime reflects the aggressive and fascist behavior of the occupation and its army,” the movement’s spokesman, Abdul Latif al-Qanou, added in a statement.

The Palestinian National Liberation Movement, Fatah, also expressed its condemnation of the crime of executing the young man, noting that “this crime expresses the policy of the new fascist government in Israel.”

And the movement added in a statement, “This crime will not increase our steadfastness and determination.”

For its part, the “Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine” said in a statement: “We strongly condemn the crime of executing a young man in cold blood by an Israeli soldier’s bullets in Nablus and leaving him to bleed without first aid.”

She added: “The response to this crime and other crimes can only be faced by resistance and perpetuating the clash with the occupation army in all locations and fields.”

The “resistance committees” in Palestine said in a statement, “The blood of the martyrs will not be in vain and will remain a curse that pursues the Zionist killers everywhere and at all times.”

She added: “The daily genocide committed by the Zionist enemy against our defenseless people comes in implementation of the decisions of the criminal Zionist leaders to kill and shoot our people without discrimination.”

On Friday evening, the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that a Palestinian was killed after being shot by the Israeli occupation forces in the northern West Bank.

The ministry stated, in a brief statement, a copy of which was received by Anadolu Agency, that “the Civil Affairs Authority (the official contact with Israel) informed it” of the death of a citizen after the occupation opened fire on him, in Hawara, south of Nablus.

The Israeli Broadcasting Authority said earlier on Friday that Israeli soldiers “shot the Palestinian in Hawara after stabbing two Israeli soldiers.”

It added that the two soldiers “were slightly wounded after being stabbed,” while it did not mention the fate of the Palestinian who was shot.

However, a video clip of the incident, taken by a Palestinian and circulated on social networks, showed that an Israeli soldier was jostling with a Palestinian who was trying to evade him, and then the soldier fired from zero distance at the Palestinian who was lying on the ground.

For its part, the Palestinian Red Crescent Society said in a statement earlier today, a copy of which Anadolu Agency received, that the Israeli army “prevented its ambulance from reaching the injured person.”

She added, “A person was shot in (the town of) Huwara, and the Red Crescent ambulance was at the site, and the occupation army prevented it from approaching the injured person.”

Separate areas of the West Bank witness weekly activities rejecting settlement on the contact lines with the Israeli army, which disperses them and pursues demonstrators inside their villages and towns.

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