The singer’s voice disappeared 5 minutes ago. A famous band’s hip-hop concert was canceled

Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy
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The cancellation of a concert by the famous British hip-hop group N-Dubz 5 minutes before it started sparked outrage among the fans who came in their thousands to the Motorpoint arena in the Lace Market area in the British city of Nottingham. According to the British Daily Mail, the famous British band’s hip-hop party was canceled due to the disappearance of the voice of its most prominent member, Dappy, who posted on his Instagram story, explaining that his voice basically disappeared as he suffers from “chest infection.”

And the British newspaper pointed out that after many fans waited inside the concert venue for several hours, a statement appeared on the screen saying: “We are very sorry to announce that tonight’s show has been postponed due to the artist’s illness, and it will be rescheduled.”

The British newspaper pointed out that the statement continued: “We understand the frustration and inconvenience caused by this belated announcement; However, the artists cannot proceed to perform onstage this evening.”

N-Dubz concert canceled
Footage from inside the arena showed fans booing loudly when the statement appeared on screen to announce the cancellation.

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A representative for N-Dubz told The Mirror: ‘We are very sorry we had to cancel the show tonight, we tried to do everything we could to get the show started, but a doctor advised at the last minute that Dappy is unable to perform and needs to rest tonight.

He added, “We had to take this advice seriously and take into account Dappy’s health so he could appear on the rest of the tour.

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