The United States deploys drones at a Greek base

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The United States deployed MQ-9 Reaper drones at an air base in Larissa, north-central Greece.

According to what was published by Greek media, and information obtained by Anadolu Agency from the US Department of Defense, the aforementioned drones were redeployed to the base after they were withdrawn earlier.

The US Air Force sent those planes, along with their equipment and personnel, to the aforementioned base on November 12.

These aircraft will be deployed for a period of one year within the framework of an agreement between the US military command in Europe “Yukum” and the Greek army, according to the joint defense cooperation agreement between the two countries.

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The Greek army claimed that the deployment of the aircraft comes as part of efforts to improve cooperation with allied forces and “to ensure the contribution to support the interoperability and deterrence of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)”.

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