The World Cup .. France begins defending its title by four against Australia

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France started the campaign to defend its title as a hero of the world with a victory worthy of its counterpart, Australia, with four goals for one, on Tuesday, in the fourth group competitions of the current World Cup version held in Qatar.

The beginning of the meeting at the “Al -South” stadium was a surprise that the Australian team advanced with an early goal scored by Gregan in the 9th minute, investing a cross from Matthew Alan, followed by strong, away from the reach of French goalkeeper Hugo Loris.

The surprising goal entered the French in a state of lack of focus, before midfielder Adrian Rabio returned his teammates to the atmosphere of the match with a tie at the 27th minute with a beautiful header after a pass from Theo Hernandez.

It was only 5 minutes until the “Blue Cock” team turned the result in their favor with a second goal, with the signature of striker Olivier Jiro, who turned his foot a pass presented to him by Rabio from the right side of Australia’s defense.

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The French national team continued its control in the second half, and added a third goal in the 68th minute, following a ball raised by Osman Dembele into the Australian penalty area, which was raised by Klian Mbappe and around his head to embrace the net.

By the 71st minute, Mbappe penetrated the right side of Australia’s defense and then sent a ball that Jiro received with another header, from which he scored his second and fourth goal for his country, equaling the number of his compatriot Terry Henry as the best scorer in the French team throughout history with 51 goals.

With this, France took the lead with 3 points, followed by Tunisia and Denmark in the second and third places with a point for each of them, while Australia is fourth and last with zero points.​​​​​​​

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