The World Cup Qatar .. Japan defeats Germany in the second surprise of the championship

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The Japanese team turned its delay against its German counterpart to a historic victory with two goals for one, on Wednesday, at the “Khalifa International” stadium in the group’s fifth group competitions “Qatar 2022”.

Germany imposed its preference from the beginning and was able to reach its opponent’s areas on many occasions, at a time when Japan relied on defense and rapid reversion when it allows the opportunity.

The “Mensheviks” dominated a first goal at the 33rd minute after a penalty kick by Elkay Gundogan successfully, before Kay Havertz scored a second goal that the referee canceled after referring to the technique of “Al -Far”.

In the second half, the offensive rhythm of the Germans decreased, which allowed the Japanese team to dare and advanced towards the attack to equal the cuff with a goal scored by Risto Duan in the 75th minute, taking advantage of a counterattack from goalkeeper Manuel Noir to follow it easily inside the net.

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After the goal, the German national team rushed to restore progress, leaving behind large spaces, which benefited from the “Samurai” attack and the heart of the table with a second goal that Tacoma Asano signed at the 83rd minute after he faced Nuer with confidence and aimed with a ball that shook the net.

With this victory, Japan topped the standings with 3 points, waiting for the result of Spain’s confrontation with Costa Rica, this evening.​​​​​​​

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