The World Cup Qatar .. Morocco passes the first test in a draw against Croatia

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The Moroccan national team tied with its Croatian counterpart without goals, on Wednesday, at the ground of the “Al -Bayt” stadium at the opening of the sixth group competitions of the FIFA World Cup “Qatar 2022”.

Croatia began the match with an offensive pressure that Morocco met with a tight defensive organization that nullified all attempts against Yassin Bono’s goal, which tackled a verified goal ball in the first minute of the time calculated instead of a lost time for the time of the first half.

With the beginning of the second half, the “Atlas Lions” liberated from psychological pressure and Nasir al -Mazrawi almost opened the door for registration had it not been for the Croatian goalkeeper Dominic Levakovic, he starred in the deportation of Bayern Munich defender in the 51st minute.

The Croatian team’s response came by two shots from Diane Lovrin and Ivan Perisic, which did not pose any danger to the Moroccan goal, to show Ashraf Hakimi, the star of Paris Saint -Germain, and implement a fixed free ball that invalidated Levakovic’s effect.

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The last minutes witnessed an intense offensive rush by the runner -up of the hero in the last version, but the Moroccan defense remained steadfast until the end that announced that each team won a single point.

Group VI matches will be completed with a meeting that will be held this evening, the Belgium team brings together its Canadian opponent at the “Ahmed Bin Ali Al -Munawali” stadium.

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