Those born in these zodiac signs are on a date with love.. Are you among them?

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According to astronomer Jacqueline Akiki, the most prominent and important news for this week is the return of the planet of fortune and fame to Pisces, starting on Saturday, October 29, which enables him to enter a beautiful stage that brings him achievements, sweet meetings, and the psychological satisfaction that those born in this sign have always searched for. . It will be easy for him to make decisions in this period.
Jupiter brings luck again to the water signs, and qualifies the Pisces-born to overcome obstacles and practice the most severe types of activities, dazzling others with his abilities and confirming success in many fields. On the financial level, he will succeed in achieving profits and gains.

As for the moon’s movements, the beginning will be with its presence in Sagittarius on Saturday and in Capricorn on Sunday and Monday, which makes the atmosphere fiery and earthy par excellence! Those born in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn live a good period accompanied by great and exceptional fortunes. Morale rises, and these towers regain control and achieve great success.
The moon moves into the air sign of Aquarius on Tuesday and Wednesday to form an astronomical square with the sun and scorpion, so the conditions of all those born in Gemini, Libra and Aquarius will improve.
Then, this planet heads towards the watery Pisces on Thursday and Friday to form a watery astronomical triangle with the sun, which makes those born in the water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) enjoy tangible relief and great sympathy and reap support and progress. It is a positive and suitable period for business and finance.

What is special about this week is the presence of the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Scorpio, which means that those born in the water signs will have a date with love and will enjoy happy, romantic and warm times.

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