Ukraine calls for a “firm response” to Russia’s targeting of energy facilities

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called, on Wednesday, the international community for a “firm response” to the Russian strikes that targeted his country’s energy infrastructure.

“His country was hit by 70 missiles during the day,” Zelensky told an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

The Ukrainian president added that “the Russian strikes targeted residential neighbourhoods, hospitals and schools.”

Zelensky accused Russia of trying to “turn the cold winter in his country into a weapon of mass destruction.”

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And he added, “We have temperatures below zero degrees and millions of people without energy supplies, without heating and water… It is a clear crime against humanity.”

He also called on the United Nations to send an additional team to examine and assess Ukraine’s critical infrastructure damaged by the Russian strikes.

Earlier today, the US “Associated Press” agency quoted unnamed officials as saying that Russia “carried out raids in a number of Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv, targeting infrastructure.”

There was no immediate comment from the Russian side on the accusations of the Ukrainian president.

Since February 24, Russia has launched a military operation in Ukraine, which resulted in angry international reactions and the imposition of “tough” economic and financial sanctions on Moscow.

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