Ukrainian refugee seeking to represent Sweden at Eurovision 2023

Hasan Almajidy
Hasan Almajidy
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STV announced, on Tuesday, that a 17-year-old Ukrainian refugee girl is seeking to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 2023.

The second half of the list is scheduled to be announced on Wednesday.
The Ukrainian girl, Maria Sur, said in a video message: “I came to Sweden eight months ago with my mother because of the war in my country.”
She noted that she had participated in the “Voice of Ukraine” competition shortly before the war broke out last February, noting that she is now grateful for her scheduled participation in “Melodefestivalen” in Sweden.
“My song will tell you my story,” Maria said. The song is called “Never Give Up”.
It is worth noting that Sweden is one of the most successful countries participating in the Eurovision Song Festival, as it has six winners in the competition.
It takes weeks to determine who will represent Sweden in Liverpool, and four preliminary rounds are scheduled to be held in different cities in February, then the semi-finals will be held in Ornskouldsvik in March, and finally the finals in Stockholm.

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Posted by Hasan Almajidy
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