UNICEF launches an emergency funding appeal of $10.3 billion

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On Monday, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launched an appeal for $10.3 billion in emergency funding to support millions of people around the world through 2023.

The organization stated in a statement, a copy of which was seen by Anadolu Agency, that it plans during the next year to obtain emergency funding of $10.3 billion to help more than 173 million needy people, including 110 million children in 155 countries and territories around the world.

“Today, there are more children in need of humanitarian assistance than at any other time in modern history,” said Catherine Russell, UNICEF Executive Director.

She added that children around the world “face a deadly mix of crises, such as armed conflict, displacement, disease outbreaks and high rates of malnutrition.”

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“Climate change is also exacerbating these crises and unleashing new ones,” Russell noted.

“It is critical that we have the right support to reach children with timely and crucial humanitarian action,” she added.

Regarding the goals of humanitarian action for children in the year 2023, she explained that it includes “reaching 8.2 million children and treating them for severe acute malnutrition, and vaccinating 28 million children with measles vaccines.”

The financing plan for the next year also includes providing safe drinking water and household needs for 63.7 million people, and providing mental health services and psychosocial support to 23.5 million people, according to the UNICEF statement.

The statement indicated that the organization also plans to provide interventions to mitigate the risks of gender-based violence for more than 16.2 million children and women, in addition to providing safe channels for 32 million people to report sexual exploitation and abuse.

In the field of education, the organization plans to provide formal or non-formal education services or early education for 25.7 million children around the world, according to the statement.

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