United Kingdom: Corona injuries exceed the threshold of one million cases in a week

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United Kingdom.. Corona injuries exceed the threshold of one million cases in a week

The number of coronavirus infections across the UK has crossed the one million mark per week, according to data published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Friday.

And the new official figures show that “the total number of positive tests for corona increased by 6 percent in the week ending on November 1, compared to the week before.”

The latest official data raised fears of a significant increase in the spread of the epidemic during the winter.

This is the first increase in coronavirus infections nationwide since the week ending October 17.

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During the latest wave, the total weekly infections peaked at more than two million in mid-October.

Data from the National Statistics Office also showed an increase in Corona injuries in England, and a decrease in Wales.

As of Friday evening, Britain had recorded 24 million and 101 cases of the virus, including 196 thousand and 821 deaths, according to the “Worldometer” website concerned with monitoring the developments of the pandemic.

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