United States: Democratic Senator Mark Kelly is re-elected in Arizona

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Democratic Senator Mark Kelly was re-elected Friday to his post in Arizona, one of the states critical to control of the US Senate. His victory brings the number of Democratic senators to 49. The Democratic Party of US President Joe Biden is thus only one seat away to retain its majority in the House.

CNN and CBS reported that former astronaut Mark Kelly defeated his Republican opponent, Blake Masters, in the southwestern state of Arizona. Thus, the Democratic Party to which US President Joe Biden belongs has retained his seat in the Senate for this state, thus bringing the party at a distance of only one seat to retain its majority in the House. The number of Democratic senators rose to 49 after Kelly’s victory. While Kelly’s rival, Blake Masters, in Arizona, has not admitted his defeat so far.

Two seats still have to be filled, one in Nevada, where vote counting continues, and one in Georgia, where a second round will take place on December 6.

And if both parties get 50 seats, which means the situation remains the same, the Democrats will retain control of the Senate thanks to the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Former President Donald Trump wrote on his social network Friday that some electoral machines did not work in Arizona, which led to “electoral fraud and fraud.” He called for a “re-election”.

Trump supporters’ hope for a Republican “tide” has not materialized. Although the final results of the election are not yet known, it appears that the Democrats have succeeded in limiting the damage.

Days after Tuesday’s vote, it was not yet known which party would control Congress.

The Republicans appeared to be on course to win a majority in the House of Representatives, but they still need seven seats.

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