Washington accuses Tehran of the attack on an oil tanker

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US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Wednesday condemned the attack on an oil tanker off the coast of Oman, accusing Iran of carrying it out.
“After reviewing the available information, we are certain that Iran likely carried out this attack using a drone, a deadly weapon that it has used increasingly and through its proxies throughout the Middle East and passed on to Russia for use in Ukraine,” Sullivan said.

He added, “We will work with our partners and allies to hold Iran accountable and respond with appropriate means.”

For its part, the “Eastern Pacific Shipping” company, owned by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, said that the ship “was hit by a projectile 150 miles (241 km) off the coast of Oman at approximately 15:30 on November 15.”

And “Agence France Presse” quoted an Israeli official as saying that the attack was carried out by “drones” similar to those that “the Iranians are selling to Russia for use in Ukraine.”

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According to the co-founder of the “TankerTrackers” website, which specializes in tracking maritime transport, the ship was carrying 42,000 metric tons of diesel and was heading to Buenos Aires.

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