Washington: Praises Peruvian institutions for “protecting democratic stability”

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Washington: Praises Peruvian institutions for "protecting democratic stability"

The United States on Tuesday praised Peruvian civil authorities and institutions for “protecting democratic stability” amid the political turmoil in the country over the impeachment of President Pedro Castillo.

“The people of Peru deserve stable democratic institutions that follow the Peruvian constitution and implement the mandate of democratic governance,” State Department spokesman Ned Price told reporters.

“We are concerned about reports of violent demonstrations and attacks on the press and private property, including businesses,” the US official added.

On recent developments in Peru, Price said: “We support peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, including from members of the press, and we encourage Peruvians to express their grievances through peaceful protests and democratic channels.”

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The US official’s statements come in the wake of the dismissal of former President Pedro Castillo and the inauguration of Dina Boulwart as the new head of state.

And the Peruvian authorities imprisoned the ousted president, Wednesday, after he was dismissed by parliament in a constitutional crisis in the country.

Castillo’s supporters went out in mass demonstrations, calling for the resignation of the new president, Dina Boulwart, and for early elections.

And despite Boulwart’s proposal, on Monday, to organize elections in April 2024 instead of 2026, this failed to defuse the tensions.

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