Washington provides 55 billion dollars to Africa

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Washington provides 55 billion dollars to Africa

The United States announced that it would provide $55 billion to the African continent over the next three years.

This came in statements by White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, ahead of the launch of the American-African Summit, which US President Joe Biden is preparing to host, on Tuesday evening.

Sullivan said Monday evening that the US administration will “commit” to provide $55 billion to Africa over the next three years, pointing out that these resources will be offered during the US-African summit, according to the “Voice of America” website, on Tuesday.

Biden is scheduled to organize a dinner for invited African leaders, on Wednesday evening, to announce the United States’ support for the African Union’s accession to the G20.

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President Biden invited the heads of 49 African countries, along with African Union President Macky Sall, to attend the three-day summit in order to highlight how to revitalize relations with the continent.

The summit will also be an occasion to announce new investments and discuss food security issues, which have been set back against the background of the war in Ukraine and climate change.

The White House attributed the failure to invite the leaders of Guinea, Sudan, Mali and Burkina Faso to the existence of “unconstitutional changes of government, as a result of which these countries were suspended from the African Union.”

He pointed out that Eritrea was also not invited due to “the lack of full diplomatic relations with it,” according to what the White House stated in a statement on its website.

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