Washington: Resuming its patrols with the terrorist “YPG” in Syria

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Washington: Resuming its patrols with the terrorist "YPG" in Syria

The US Department of Defense announced, on Tuesday, the full resumption of patrols with the terrorist organization “YPG” after reducing them following the Turkish air operation against the organization’s elements in Syria and Iraq.

This was stated by the Ministry’s spokesman, Patrick Reeder, in a daily press conference, in which he refused to answer questions about Turkey’s possible ground operation against the “YPG” in Syria.

He said, “I can say on behalf of the United States of America that our joint operations with the Syrian Democratic Forces (YPG constitutes its backbone) have resumed, and have started fully as of December 9.”

He noted that their work with their local partners is not to allow ISIS to regroup.

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The United States of America had reduced the number of its joint patrols with the terrorist “YPG” in the region following the “claw-sword” air operation launched by Turkey on November 20 against the organization’s sites in northern Iraq and Syria, in response to the terrorist bombing that targeted a street. Istiklal in Istanbul.

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