Washington warns of China’s capabilities in the military space race

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The head of the US Army’s Space Force, Nina Armagno, warned Monday that China’s rapid advances in military capabilities “pose growing risks to US supremacy in outer space.”

Nina Armagno said, in a statement reported by local media, including Al-Hurra TV, that Beijing has made great progress in developing military space technology, including in areas such as satellite communications and reusable spacecraft that allow countries to rapidly expand their space programs. .

She added at an event in Sydney organized by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute think tank: “I think it is quite possible that they can catch up with us and outperform us for sure.”

And she considered that “the progress they (the Chinese) made was great and rapid.”

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Beijing has made great progress in the space race in recent years, which has alarmed Washington and other Western countries, despite its historical decline in the space race, which is dominated by the United States and Russia.

Yi Beijian, head of the Chinese Lunar Exploration Program, likened the moon and Mars to disputed islands in the South China Sea over which Beijing claims sovereignty.

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