West Bank: Palestinians were shot and dozens suffocated

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West Bank

Palestinians were shot and dozens suffocated, on Tuesday, during clashes with the Israeli army, in separate areas of the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (unofficial) stated in a statement that reached Anadolu Agency that its crews dealt with 11 injuries, during the clashes that erupted in the vicinity of the Qalandiya checkpoint, north of Jerusalem (center).

It explained that its crews transported a young man wounded in the leg by an explosive bullet to the Palestine Medical Complex in the city of Ramallah (center), in addition to providing field treatment to 8 cases of suffocation as a result of tear gas inhalation, a burn injury, and a wound as a result of a direct hit by a gas bomb.

And in the south of the West Bank, the official Palestinian agency, Wafa, said that a young man was wounded by rubber-coated metal bullets in his waist, and was subsequently taken to hospital, and others suffocated, during clashes that erupted with the Israeli army in Al-Arroub camp, north of Hebron.

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In the context, activist Muhammad Awad said, in a brief statement, that clashes broke out with the Israeli army in the “Beit Zata” area in the town of Beit Ummar, north of Hebron, during which a number of Palestinians suffocated, as a result of tear gas inhalation, and were treated on the field.

Several governorates in the West Bank witnessed popular rallies, on Tuesday, to demand the return of the bodies of Palestinians being held by Israel.

Representatives of governmental and civil institutions, activists, and families of Palestinians who were killed by the Israeli army and whose bodies are withheld participated in the marches called for by the Palestinian Prisoners Club and institutions specialized in prisoner affairs.​​​​​​​​

According to the “National Campaign to Recover the Bodies of Martyrs” (non-governmental), the number of bodies held in refrigerators and number graves is 118 bodies of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army since 2015, in addition to 256 bodies held in number graves since the start of the occupation in 1967.

The “number cemeteries” are simple burials surrounded by stones without tombstones. A metal plaque bearing a number bearing the name of the owner of the body is installed over each grave. Each number has a special file kept by the Israeli security authorities.

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