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The instant communication application “WhatsApp” has finally raised the number of users who are able to join groups from 256 to 1024 users, which can be annoying, especially in terms of alerts.

The “WABetaInfo” website, which follows “WhatsApp” news firsthand, said that the application is currently testing a beta version in which alerts are automatically silenced in groups with more than 256 users, meaning that they will not appear on the user’s phone screen.

This service applies to all users, whether they are active or not in groups.

How will that happen?

The site obtained a screenshot (screenshot) showing a note at the bottom of the screen when joining a group that has more than 256 subscribers, and the note says that alerts will be automatically silenced in this group and asks the user to accept or reject the command.

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Why? This step came after WhatsApp realized that the user did not want to hear from everyone in such a way that the interface of his phone was flooded with alerts at the expense of other things such as SMS and missed calls.

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