World Cup.. A goalless tie prevails between Mexico and Poland

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Mexico tied with its counterpart Poland without goals, on Tuesday, at the “974” stadium, in the third group competitions of the “Qatar 2022” World Cup.

The Mexico national team played the first half, during which it was the most distinguished party thanks to the correct spread and interconnection of lines, which facilitated the arrival of the ball to the regions of Poland, which settled for defensive performance.

Mexico’s most prominent opportunity came in the 28th minute from an attack led by Luis Chavez, who advanced and passed to Jesus Gallardo, who was in a suitable position to shoot, but the Polish goalkeeper Szczesny intervened and prevented the opponent from scoring.

The second half began, as before, with continuous attacking pressure from Mexico, which was met by a conservative performance from the Poland national team, which relied on rebounds, one of which earned a penalty kick in the 57th minute, but the veteran Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Achoa shone in front of striker Robert Lewandowski and tackled the violation ably.

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Despite many Mexican attempts, the result remained white until the final whistle, which announced a second consecutive negative tie in the World Cup in Qatar, after Tunisia and Denmark tied in Group D.

Saudi Arabia is at the top of the Group C standings with 3 points, then Mexico comes with Poland in the second and third places, while Argentina ranks fourth without points.​​​​​​​​

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