World Cup.. Belgium achieved a difficult victory over Canada, with the goal of Batshuayi

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Belgium defeated Canada, 1-0, on Wednesday, at the “Ahmed Bin Ali World Cup” stadium, as part of the Group Six competitions of the FIFA World Cup “Qatar 2022”.

The Canadian national team surprised everyone with a heroic performance through which it was able to take possession of the game and threaten the Belgium goal with quick attacks that posed great danger in the first minutes.

Canada had the opportunity to take the lead in the 11th minute, after the referee awarded a penalty kick, which Alfonso Davies advanced to implement, but collided brilliantly with great goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois, who tackled the violation and prevented his country from shaking.

Despite the continuous Canadian advantage, the experience of the Belgian national team in the big dates enabled it to take precedence with a goal scored by Michy Batshuayi in the 44th minute, from a ball he received between the defenders, set it up for himself, and fired it powerfully into the net.

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In the second half, the Canadian national team continued its attack in search of an amendment, while the Belgians’ thinking remained focused on fortifying the defensive areas and relying on the speed of Batshuayi and his replacement, Luis Obenda, to bounce back.

The two sides exchanged many opportunities without any change in the level of the result, so the final whistle came, announcing Belgium’s victory and ascending to the top of the standings by 3 points.

The Group F matches had opened with a negative draw that overshadowed the result of Morocco’s confrontation with Croatia, so that each of them scored a point by occupying second and third places, respectively, while Canada languishes in fourth place without points.

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