World Cup.. Holland beat Senegal 2-0

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The Netherlands defeated Senegal with two goals free, on Monday, at Al-Thumama Stadium, in the first group competitions of the “Qatar 2022” World Cup.

The mid-level match came in its first half, and it lacked direct attempts on the two goals, amid greater possession by Senegal, which reached 55 percent.

The most dangerous opportunity was in the 19th minute, when Frenkie de Young was alone in the Senegalese goal in a suitable position to score, but he slowed down in shooting, which enabled the defense to cut the ball and prevent the Netherlands from a goal.

In the second half, despite the many changes made by the two coaches, the result remained blank until the 84th minute, when the Netherlands scored its first goal with a surprise header from Cody Jakobo.

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And amid Senegal’s search for the goal of the amendment, Memphis Depay escaped with a counterattack, then hit a ball that was saved by the goalkeeper, before it rebounded to Davy Klassen, who easily settled the empty net.

And Ecuador had opened the first group competitions by defeating Qatar with two goals without a response, carrying the signature of Ener Valencia, the striker of the Turkish club Fenerbahçe.

Ecuador and the Netherlands lead the standings with 3 points each, while Senegal and Qatar occupy the third and fourth places without points.​​​​​​​​

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