World Cup Qatar .. Brazil reaches the round of 16 with a difficult victory over Switzerland

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Brazil reached the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, after its difficult victory over Switzerland, with a goal without a response, on Monday, at the “974” stadium, in the second round of Group G competition.

The Swiss team played a very strong tactical first half, during which it was able to disrupt the offensive effectiveness of the Brazilian team through good defensive organization and closing the spaces in front of the wings from which the danger of “Seleção” comes.

The only chance that the Brazilian team created was from a cross sent by Rafinha to Vinicius Junior, who is unsupervised, but the latter failed to receive the ball well and put it in the net.

The second half was marked by the liberation of the Swiss from their defensive duties and they created many chances that were not without danger against Alison Becker’s goal.

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With the opening of the game, the samba dancers found some loopholes, which Vinicius Junior managed to take advantage of in the 65th minute and score a goal, which the “mouse” decided to cancel after the huge joys of the Brazilians in the stands due to a mistake at the beginning of the attack on Casemiro.

Coach Titi’s battalion did not throw the handkerchief in front of the Swiss solidity and continued its attempts until the faraj came at the 83rd minute with the foot of Casemiro, who received a ball from substitute Rodrigo and aimed it directly in the difficult corner of goalkeeper Jan Sommer.

After the goal, the Brazilian team imposed almost complete control and came close to enhancing its progress, had it not been for the brilliance of Jan Sommer in front of Rodrigo’s shot, whose entry had a significant impact on increasing the offensive activity of Seleção.

With this result, Brazil reached point 6 at the top of the group standings, and officially guaranteed its presence in the next round, while Switzerland’s balance stopped at 3 points in second place, while Cameroon and Serbia came third and fourth with a point each.​

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