Campaign in New York .. “Hand over your weapon and get 500 dollars”

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Campaign in New York .. "Hand over your weapon and get 500 dollars"

The US state of New York witnessed a campaign to encourage the abandonment of individual weapons, requiring that an amount of up to $ 500 be paid to those who surrender their weapons.

The campaign is supported by the New York Police Department and Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez.

Amounts ranging between $50 and $500 are paid to anyone who brings his firearm, depending on the type of weapon.

“Collecting weapons from the streets is a shared responsibility, and effective gun recovery is part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce armed violence in our neighborhoods,” Gonzalez said in a press statement.

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Gonzalez expressed his hope for the success of the campaign, calling on people who have weapons in their homes to take advantage of this opportunity.

As part of the campaign, gift vouchers of 50, 150, or 500 dollars were presented to those who brought their weapons, without asking for identification or asking questions.

Tablet computers were also given to the first 25 people to hand in their weapons, as announced in the campaign.

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