Germany expresses its support for the dialogue between Turkey and Greece

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Germany: Expresses its support for the dialogue between Turkey and Greece

On Monday, German government spokesman Stephen Hebbestreit expressed his country’s support for dialogue between Turkey and Greece.

In remarks he made in the capital, Berlin, Heppistreit said that Germany wanted to facilitate dialogue between Turkey and Greece, “so high-level officials from the three countries held a meeting in Brussels.”

He continued: “Germany asked if it could help with such a meeting, and both the Greek prime minister and the Turkish president responded very positively.”

Hepstreet, who avoided giving information about the content of the meeting, confirmed the continuation of talks between the three countries.

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On December 16, the Belgian capital, Brussels, hosted a tripartite meeting, in which the spokesman for the presidency of the Republic, Ibrahim Kalin, participated on the Turkish side, in addition to the foreign and security policy adviser to the German chancellor, Jens Plotner, and the director of the diplomatic office of the Greek Prime Minister, Anna Maria Bora.

The meeting, which took place after weeks of tension between Ankara and Athens, dealt with ways to revive communication channels between the two countries.

Turkey, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for more than 70 years, expresses through all platforms its dissatisfaction with Greece’s repeated provocative actions and rhetoric in the region in recent months.

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