Iran: 3 arrested for killing Sunni imam “Mawlavi Rigi”

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Iran: 3 arrested for killing Sunni imam "Mawlavi Rigi"

The Iranian authorities announced, on Tuesday, the arrest of 3 people responsible for the killing of the Sunni cleric of the “Imam Hussein” mosque, Mawlavi Abd al-Wahed Rigi, in the province of Sistan-Baluchestan, southeastern Iran.

This came according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Security, according to what was reported by the official agency, “IRNA”.

The statement indicated that the security agency in the province determined the identities of those accused of killing Imam Rigi, noting that the three people were arrested in an operation supported by the security forces in the province.

He confirmed that the security forces arrested the three suspects while they were trying to flee the country.

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On Friday, the Security Council in Sistan-Baluchestan announced in a statement the death of Rigi.

The statement of the Provincial Prosecutor, Mahdi Shamsabadi, said: “Reggie’s body was found in a side road in the city of Khash, after he was hit with three bullets.”

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