The American “SpaceX” carries the first Emirati probe to the moon

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The American "SpaceX" carries the first Emirati probe to the moon

On Sunday, a private vehicle of a Japanese company aimed at exploring the moon was launched, aboard a rocket belonging to the American company SpaceX, carrying the first Emirati probe and a Japanese robot similar to children’s dolls.

And the Associated Press said that a Tokyo company aims to explore the moon with a special vehicle, which launched from Cape Canaveral, Florida, on Sunday, aboard the “Falcon 9” missile of the American company SpaceX.

She added that the missile also carried the first Emirati probe and a Japanese robot, similar to children, designed to rotate in the gray dust of the moon.

She explained that the mission and its experiments will take about five months to reach the moon.

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The Japanese company, “I-Space”, designed the vehicle to operate with the least amount of fuel, to save money and leave more space for the load.

Therefore, the vehicle will take a slow and low-energy path to the moon, which will make it fly about a million miles from Earth, before returning and rendezvous with the moon by the end of next April.

The I-Space vehicle aims to explore the Atlas crater in the northeastern section of the near side of the moon, which is more than 87 km wide and more than 2 km deep.

The probe is more than 2.3 meters high when its four legs are extended.

The UAE, which already has a satellite orbiting Mars, is also seeking to explore the moon.

Its rover, named “Rashid”, weighs 10 kilograms and will operate on the moon’s surface for about 10 days.

In turn, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, said in a tweet on Twitter, “The UAE today launched the explorer Rashid with the aim of landing on the surface of the moon … to be the fourth in the world and the first in the Arab world to land on the surface of the moon in the event of The mission was crowned with success, God willing.”

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