Yellow vests in the streets of Paris, the fourth anniversary of its launch

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The yellow vests organized a demonstration in the French capital, Paris, on the fourth anniversary of the launch of their movement.

The demonstrators demanded social justice and more democracy.

The demonstration, in which hundreds participated, witnessed moments of tension between the police and the demonstrators.

The demonstration started from Boursa Square and headed towards Anne Marie Carrier.

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On their way, the demonstrators burned some waste containers.

In an interview with Anadolu Agency, the retired Josian, who participated in the yellow vest demonstrations in the past four years, complained of inflation, high prices, poor health services, and the absence of justice.

As for Charlotte, she also complained about the absence of justice, which she said, “France has never seen anything like it.”

The yellow vest demonstrations began in France on November 17, 2018, to protest the increase in fuel prices and poor economic conditions, and then turned into protests against President Emmanuel Macron’s social and economic policies.

The yellow vest movement organizes its demonstrations every Saturday under the slogan: “We are here for the dignity of workers and for a better world, even if Macron refuses.”

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