Zelensky reveals a surprise regarding “direct talks” with Russia

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Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky said that he had received signals from his allies that Russia was ready to start direct talks, and confirmed that he had proposed a general formula for them.
Zelensky said, “I received signals from state leaders saying, it seems to us that Putin wants direct negotiations, and I said, we will present a general formula,” and indicated that he did not want the negotiations to take place “behind the scenes.”

After reports from Western media that Kyiv was pushing to enter into dialogue with Russia, Zelensky set out on November 8 his conditions for starting the dialogue.

According to him, “the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity, respect for the Charter of the United Nations, compensation for all losses incurred in the country, punishment of all war criminals, and guarantees that Russia will not repeat its actions.”

Earlier, Zelensky signed a decree implementing the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine, regarding the impossibility of conducting negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and also stated that Ukraine will not conduct any negotiations with Russia during Putin’s presidency.

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