World Cup 2022: “FIFA” reveals the “dream” ball in the semi-finals and finals

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The International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) revealed, on Sunday, the official ball for the semi-finals and finals of the Qatar World Cup 2022, which bears the name “The Dream”.

The “dream” replaces the “journey”, the official ball that was used in the tournament matches until the quarter-finals, and will carry the same advanced technology in its predecessor.

The Dream is based on the adidas-designed Connected Ball system, which provides video assistant referees with real-time information to enable them to make optimal decisions.

Johannes Holzmuller, Director of Innovation and Football Technology at FIFA, said: “By developing connected ball technology, ball manufacturers have made sure to provide an additional level of information available to VARs, as the data received from the ball provides valuable information that will allow the opportunity To provide explanations of unique moments that occur on the field during this edition of the World Cup.

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Nick Graggs, director of football at adidas, said: “The Dreamball is a glimmer of hope that football and sport in general can bring people together. Millions of people will be glued to television in every country of the world, united by a shared love for the game.”

“FIFA” stated on its official website, that the design of the new ball “is based on a golden ground and has small triangular shapes on it, in an image inspired by the sparkling deserts that surround the city of Doha, and the “dream” also includes the color of the original cup of the World Cup as well as the flag pattern diagonal.

The semi-finals will be held next Tuesday and Wednesday, where the Argentine national team will meet its Croatian counterpart, and Morocco will play with the defending champion, France.

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