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Qatar World Cup: Brazil qualifies for the quarter-finals by four against South Korea

Brazil joined the qualifiers for the quarter-finals of the Qatar 2022 World

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World Cup Qatar .. South Korea defeats Portugal and accompanies it to the round of 16

The South Korean national team qualified for the round of 16 in

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Afghanistan: An attack targeting the Pakistani ambassador in Kabul

On Friday, the Pakistani ambassador to Afghanistan, Obaid Rahman Nizamani, was attacked,

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Argentina: Palestinian Solidarity Demonstration

On Thursday, the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires, witnessed a demonstration on the

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Alpine waters: Europe’s energy reservoir (report)

The European Union can achieve its climate goals if it cooperates better

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The United Nations launches an appeal to collect $ 51.5 billion to help millions of people in need by 2023

On Thursday, the United Nations launched an appeal to raise $51.5 billion

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Madrid:A “suspicious” package was found at a military air base

Spanish media said, on Thursday, that a "suspicious" package had arrived at

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Stoltenberg: Ukraine has made significant gains in its counterattack

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Thursday warned Western allies not to

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Spain.. “explosive” parcels reach the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Defense

The Spanish newspaper "El Mundo" said, on Thursday, that three "explosive" packages

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14.5 million Ukrainians leave their country because of the war

The Ukrainian Parliamentary Commissioner for Human Rights, Dmytro Lubinets, announced that more

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